Brian, you have no idea how relieved we were when we got the great news. I can’t express fully how grateful we were to have you help us out with this. I really believe your persistence and expertise made all of the difference. Thanks so much!


It was one year ago that I experienced one of the absolute worst periods of my life. Thank you for making an extremely unpleasant, embarrassing, humiliating experience tolerable.”

Michelle G.

I was planning to go to the DMV to pick up a duplicate license but they just sent me one in the mail. So the loose ends are finally tied up and life is back to normal. Woohoo! You are a miracle
worker — thanks so much for everything. I hope our win gets you lots of business.”


Brian, I’m very happy this is all over now. Many thanks for the excellent service.”


Dear Mr. Berson,

I would like to tell you thank you for everything through it all you have been one hell of a lawyer and a stand up individual. I really am blessed by getting the opportunity to be your client. Most lawyers don’t care about their clients and their clients’ needs, but you do. You have done more for me than my own family and I will never forget that you are persistent and consistent in everything you do. You motivate me to be the same way, I know we met under unusual circumstances but I would really like to stay in contact if that’s alright with you. I will be starting on a new book pretty soon and when I get done I’m going to send it to you. Tell Rosie I said I appreciate everything as well. I keep you in my prayers, you and your family.

Stay in touch,


What you did to the (prosecution witness) these past two days was not only a precision surgery, but also one without anesthesia. Like everyone else, I was very, very impressed, and at the same time very proud of you. Many thanks for what you did for me and for the team!


Just read these, and Brian Berson did an absolutely BRILLIANT job in protecting M. He may have saved him 10 years of imprisonment!


Dear Brian,
I hope you are doing well. Things are alright over here. Just waiting to check out the probation report and counting down the days to sentencing.  It’s almost over!!!

Thank you for helping me get my property back, and thanks for all you have done so far.  You really have been a big help. I think things are fair at this point. I feel you got me back years of my life. I still got a chance to get it together, so thank you so much Brian!

Anyhow, I’ll call you when I read the report.  God bless you and your family.

With all my respect,


Dear Brian,
Just a quick note to thank you once again for your efforts on my behalf in this matter. While your dogged perseverance and overall professionalism were key factors in achieving the resolution we had hoped for, it was your discretion, compassion and empathy that were particularly memorable to me. They sustained and encouraged me throughout a very stressful and, frankly, mortifying odyssey.
Thanks again.



Dear Mr. Berson,
I’m writing to thank you for all you’ve done to help my son Norman to get home early.  Well as you know, he got home on November 3. We had just 14 days together and then he went into the hospital for three days. On the third day I lost him. We sure didn’t have much time together but I was glad he was home and I was at his bedside holding his hand when I lost him. He got pneumonia from us running back and forth in this cold weather.  God, he sure looked good and sure was happy to be home. If he didn’t get that damn pneumonia, he’d still be here with me now.  I just wish to thank you for all you’ve done for my son and me.  May God bless you always.


Andy V